A0 portait

It started ou as an assignment of a drawing class I was following at the time. Because of my training as an architect I was allowed to start higher up in the curriculum. This was great because I didn’t need to go through all the basics of drawing. But also a frightening because I never got the basics in portrait drawing. I took it as an opportunity and went at with consistent practise. I started with the most recommended book on the subject: Drawing on the right side of the brain by B. Edwards. As someone who mainly learned to draw in more constructive 3D matter this book was an eye opener. While it’s the most recommended book on portrait drawing, it is also a solid book on observational drawing in general. Hence the reason that portrait is largely assumed a fundamental subject. The book mainly learned me to see better and think less about what I was drawing. As a bonus I also developed a general positive interest in anything I see everyday.

During and after the book I maintained to draw people on the go and myself in the mirror. Most of them weren’t good, but after some time they started to at least look like the person I was drawing. With the deadline of the assignment looming I started working on large sheets of paper and went ahead with I know. I did a first test with ink which I made a video of.

The result wasn’t great but my suspicions on using a stick to keep sight of the whole were confirmed. So I went at it again with my trusty stick, charcoal and pencil. I regularly took a large break or a nights sleep to get some perspective. This way I noticed some small errors anytime I came back to it. There was one crucial moment when I asked for a non-artist friend’s feedback to which he said: “It starts to look like something”. Later I realised he meant it positive, but I interpreted it more negative at the time. So I went at one last time and lead to the result that can be seen. It might not mean much against all the great masters. But seeing where I started, where I got and the awesome journey in between I’m quite proud of it. Plus I got an excellent grade of the jury which motivates me to keep on going.

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