10012580_678679602191653_6071556502326360416_nMy name is Aarnoud De Rycker. I’m a reseacher at the University of Hasselt and artisan based in Limburg, Belgium.

I graduated in Architecture at the university of Hasselt since 2017. But quickly got back involved for a sketch-video atlas project. With finally some time to spare I took it upon myself to fulfill a life long hunger for drawing. At the moment largely by self educating myself in the fundamentals of drawing.

For now you can mainly see projects of my studies were drawing interacted with different aspects of architecture.

I spend most of my time at the university of Hasselt, in my studio or somewhere public wildly sketching the world. My preferred drawing material is a simple black ballpoint pen and 90 gsm croquis paper. Occasionally I will pull out something I have lying around to experiment with.