My name is Aarnoud De Rycker. I’m an architect-reseacher and artisan living between Antwerp and Hasselt.

I graduated in Architecture at the university of Hasselt since 2017. Afterwards I quickly got back involved for a sketch-video atlas project. With finally some time to spare I took the opportunity to draw and learn (a lot).

Because I’m still learning and wanted one channel to show many facets of what I do, you will find a chronological visual rundown of my “Projects” varying from architecture to the arts. I like to write a conclusion, summary, lessons learned … about these large works that don’t really fit the typical blog format. 

Because of my background in architecture and skillset to design by hand,
my artistic expertise lies in construction and perspective space. I prefer to work in ink, moderated by colour and digital tools. Besides this I like to experiment a lot varying from large realistic portraits and figure studies to quick pen and ink sketches. These usually end up in the “Miscellaneous” section of this site