After a semester of figure drawing the focus of a live-class I was following switched to a more experimental approach towards the perception of space. As someone who strives to draw accurately from life this was quite challenging. With a good teacher pushing me to experiment more I think I found a middle ground between interpretation and craftsmanship.
The first project was about exploring any space you want with 2 mediums and eventually making some form of a map about it. To loosen up my very technical approach I got started in charcoal and made mind-notes along the ways with my trusty gel pen.
The second project was about exploring space against the framing of the canvas. I chose to work around the comic of Frank Miller I once made and started composing the frames on top of each other. This created one big blurry dreamworld and in some ways reminded the jury about the study drawings of the old masters like Michelangelo.
The last project was about creating a sequential booklet about anything you wanted basically. Pondering about it on the train I came to the realisation that I should draw and explore that very space. The space in transition where people ponder. For me this place where I felt I had to suffer through unnecessary became the space to explore and make art