StudioStad Commute Sketches

Poster of all the portraits I drew for this series.

I prefer to take the train to all my destinations. I think it’s mainly because I have some extra time to draw instead of having to drive a car. I draw all sorts of things on these trips, but along the way I managed to create a bulk of sneaky-portrait-ballpoint drawings. This ended up at a public exhibition called Stadavondtwee in the old city Hall of Hasselt, organised by Tinne Luyten and Shun Made.

It started with me being frustrated that I wasn’t able to quickly sketch someone’s face. To tackle this I started tracking portraits in a very small sketchbook. In the beginning it was quite the struggle but along the way I sensed I was getting it. Somehow near the end of making these drawings it managed to get seen by the right people and I was asked to show it at the public exhibition.

I also like to share some photos of the opening and ending of the exhibition. Besides the 90 portraits I showed a drawing I made of my grandfather. He is suffers from dementia so he isn’t always that alert. During these moment I draw him.

You can also see some photos of people holding sketches and me sketching at the exhibition. On the last day it was a “special” that I would sneakily sketch people at the event. This ended In very joyful moments and most of the drawings I gave away afterwards.