Drawing boxes

Besides attending live drawing classes I also took up an online program called “Draw a box”. It’s free, with optional donation, and a large reddit community to get feedback from. While I intuitively had a good sense of space and geometry because of my training as an architect. It still was holding me back to draw better from imagination. The lessons are designed to make you think in simple geometrical forms to assist you in what you want to portray. While contours, gestures and proportions are invaluable foundational skills, learning to think in many shaped boxes helps me to draw better from memory and imagination.

190203 Drawabox Spreads Organic Boxes

190203 Drawabox Spread Plants190203 Drawabox Spreads Insects

190203 Drawabox Spread Animals190203 Drawabox Spread Animals 2

190209 Drawabox Spreads Everyday Objects190209 Drawabox Spreads Vehicles