K.L.8. “Beauty”

Faily new gallery in Jette near Brussels, where I got the opportunity to show two print copies of my sketchbook-drawings. The theme was around “beauty” in contemporary art as a reaction to a controversial statement of the Flemish minister of culture. (Overview of the exhibition on the site of K.L.8.)

I got accepted though an open call where I submitted framed copies of my sketchbook drawings from over the years. Before the call, I already started making copies to make my observations more visible and hang up around the house, since they are all stuck in sketchbooks or online. While I do make imaginary digital artwork and learned to draw from observation to build my artistic foundation, I ended up just really enjoy doing this. The call was an ideal opportunity to show this to a wider audience.

To me beauty was mainly about seeing and appreciate it in the world around us. About taking the time to experience things that people usually just walk by or snap a quick picture of. There is also a certain beauty in the artistic struggle trying to capture something and feelings associated with it.

Sculptures of Athens, 2018, 21 x 21 cm

Ruins of Sforza Castle Milan, 2019, 29.7 x 21 cm

Pictures from the event and a drawing I made on location.