Tactics 02

Same as last year there was the introspection and outrospection assignment within the seminar. This time we focused on the atelier of TRANS architectuur/stedenbouw. The catch about the assignment was that it had to do with casting and molding. Also because the assignment was essentialy kept the same I couldn’t a drawer for the outrospection. First time that the seminar has to do a 2 year program so they had to keep it fresh for someone like me. First, same as last year, we started of with a visit to the atelier of Trans in Gent combined with a general visit to the city. This way got an impression of the work and people there that each of us reinterpreted in a model. Secondly we had to chose an artist that inspired us and make the ‘right’ atelier for them. It’s about discovering who the artist really is through the work.  As a group we also made a book with links to a youtube page. For the blog I wanted to show my own works from this book.


The first work focuses upon a small atypical detail which embodies the breaking out atmosphere in which Trans finds itself.

Through a lot of struggling and translations whith different techniques the discovery was made that it wasn’t only a reinterpretion of myself but also one of Trans itself.

The second work focuses upon the process of sculpting by Henry Moore, which is the reverse of molding and casting. Through the making a proces of enlargment is discovered in the work of Moore and litterly forms this for the proposed atelier. It’s also this proces of enlargement which bounds both projects.