Utopia in a finite world

For the Biennale in Venice of 2016 I got invited to participate on a workshop. The goal of the workshop was to deal with the theme “utopia in a finite world” in relation to Venice. I made something with 5 other students from different schools and an intriguing duo of tutors from Antwerp.
To find a middle ground in our critical views on the topic we decided to draw together. Here the idea started that we could build together to a single image of utopic Venice starting by making individual blind sketches of utopic glimpses we observed. Finding our true intentions trough the subconsiousness of the drawings.  With drawing you are working with something limited (finite) to think about something unlimited (utopia). We were mainly inspired by the facts that Venice was flooding by water as with tourists.

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The conclusion was that flooding Venice might be a way to achieve all our ideas and potentials. The tourist and the water are part of the same problem being that Venice is afraid of being flooded by it. It’s by embracing those fears that Venice could become an utopia.
We depicted Venice as being flooded but also posed the question if the water keeps rising what then. We imagined that Venice then would have to rise up and eventually fly away to maybe even start over. Which meant to us for Venice to be utopian it will have to be in a constant change of adaption where it always has to consider the future but also has to look back and learn from it.